(Survey)-¿What Do Men Really Think About Women Wearing Wayuu Bags?

(Survey)-¿What Do Men Really Think About Women Wearing Wayuu Bags?

¿What Do Men Really Think About Wayuu Bags?

So, we made a small survey to understand a little better what our male counterparts really thought about women wearing wayuu bags. We went out to the streets of Bogota and we made a small experiment that was tailored to analyze the emotional responses of men when asked about women wearing wayuu bags. 

We approached 60-70 men in Bogota´s most populated pedestrian avenue, the 7th avenue hoping to answer several questions that arised from our female interviewer that wore a wayuu bag while the interviews took place. Linda, a female friend and a wayuu bags enthusiast is a beautiful independent 35-year-old woman that is finishing her master’s degree in psychology. When asked about participating in the survey she was more than willing to participate and also gave her opinion out about the final results.

Linda is a single woman, and although having dated a considerable amount of men from popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, she as stunning as she looks has been unable to settle down with a long term partner. She enjoys her single life but is still eager to settle down with the right one, but she considers that maybe she has too high expectations and that men usually are not of the right kind. The right ones usually dump her for a more beautiful twenty something year old.

While we were trying to avoid a "scientific" approach we were unable to succumb to an objective oriented survey. As we were interested in gathering unbiased male opinions with regard to their working income age and marital status we noticed that it would be unrealistic to do so in the financial district, and preferred instead to take a stroll on the so very diversely populated male pedestrian avenida septima where high income earning males mingle with street vendors and the working class male population.

My friend Linda always tries to look as best as she can, sometimes even trying to avoid flashy clothing and accessories that attract indiscreet glances. Nonetheless, the red wayuu bag that she purchased seamed to dazzle the males that usually looked at her with that easy-to-notice sexual spark that glows in men´s eyes. That innate curiosity and our final findings made us realize that women´s accessories are somewhat responsible for shaping men’s perception of our personality, political views and core values as women. As superficial as this can be, our findings were consistent in pointing to that fact, and also shedding some light into the generally accepted main ways to do so like our behavior and inner core values that are expressed when we engage in human interactions.

So long story short, we strolled for about 5 hours, ate some ice cream and then went to a Juan Valdez coffee venue where we summarized our findings in an excel spreadsheet that contained all of the answers.

Survey Results

69% of males considered that Wayuu bags reflected core values such as freedom and openness to engage in new experiences. 31% of males found no correlation at all.

65% of respondents agreed that there was a correlation between wayuu bags and fertility. 35% of males responded that there was no correlation at all.

90% of males responded that women with wayuu bags seemed to be happier,70% responded that there were most likely to frequently engage in life fulfilling personal activities like hobbies and passions.

70% of males agreed that wayuu bags reflected a woman’s positive view towards multiculturalism and gender equality.

80% of males, when shown a picture of Linda in her normal day to day outfit preferred her outfit when she was wearing a wayuu bag.

As astonishing as these findings were, we were even more amazed by the male attention that Linda received. There has been scientifically conducted research that proves that wearing a red accessory or garment exponentially increases a woman´s level of attractiveness. We later kinda proved that when almost 5 tailored suits businessmen interviewees asked Linda for a date, lol.

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