Expoartesnias 2016

Guacamaya Baskets

This is one of the finest pieces of basketry that we had the chance to encounter in the biggest Handicraft Tradeshow of Bogota; we are referring of course to Expoartesanías 2016. 

This 7 day long Vibrant Marketplace features handicrafts and handcrafters from all over the country . Profesional Artisans and Crafters have the chance to meet and display their own masterpieces,find new customers and contact new traders. The yearly event is a once in a lifetime experience for all handicraft lovers and traders, and should be conceived as the national epicenter of Arts and Crafts in Colombia. 

Artsians that range from indigenous communities of la Guajira to remote tribes of the southern border of the Amazon Basin have all a chance to display their art in this unique event.Werrege Baskets, Wayuu Sussu Mochilas, Guacamayas Basketry, Caña Flecha Bags and Hats have a special privilege in the event. Historical Interest in handicraft culture of Colombia is nurtured by these yearly events that take place in Corferias, a giant complex, composed of several Warehouse alike facilities that host the very best of Artisan Talent and Innovation. The Event had 5 diferent warehouses, individually utilized for specific activities. Namely ,the gastronomy pavilion, the international pavilion,home-decoration pavilion,Jewelry Pavilion, Traditional Handicraft pavilion.


Leading cultural authorities in the field of Handicraft Innovation such as Artesanias de Colombia have had a long-lasting privileged seat in these events. The private-public cultural entity works as an innovation hub that gives a hand to traditional crafters by networking their workshops with more comercially focussed enterprises. By displaying and selling these items, the entities endeavours result in an active cultural effort that leads the scene on a national and international scale. 

Other less known indigenous communities that inhabit remote villages in Cauca and Choco departments have also a chance to display their ancestral cultural heritage. The Wounaan culture and the Eperara Tribes display their weaving talent.Werregue Baskets Expoartesanias

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