Top 7 Sublime Places To Visit In Colombia in 2018 (with Prices)

Top 7 Sublime Places To Visit In Colombia in 2018 (with Prices)

Top 7 Best Places To Visit In Colombia in 2018(with Prices) 

A vast and unexplored South American gem will dazzle and delight your senses , Rich in natural resources, Filled with breathtaking pristine landscapes and charming welcoming locals. A Country, once known as a no go zone for foreigners is now witnessing a touristic boom as an emergent hubspot for adventure hungry travellers. 

Located at the northern tip of South America, Colombia is the only Latin American Country that borders the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, its precious beaches, overwhelming mountainous formations and deep and dense jungles makes it an ideal destination for nature and adventure lovers.

A country, so rich in nature and beauty despite being inevitably linked with political turmoil will never cease to amaze its visitors by proving that mainstream misconceptions are old and blatant clichés. Hundreds of Travel Bloggers have spoken out about a promising and emerging destination with a huge potential to evolve into the next top adventure travel epicenter of Latin America.

Mainstream foreign Media has also been refreshingly optimistic about recent unparalleled changes in Colombia´s political arena by bringing the Farc Peace Deal into the spotlight of International headlines. Insecurity and political unrest have been indefinitely replaced by a new and promising climate of hope and welfare. 

Not sure about your next holiday in Colombia? Take a look at our Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Colombia List and prove us wrong!

Cartagena Walled City:

Located at the far north Atlantic coast , Cartagena once was a mighty fortress that served as a trade focal point during the Spanish colonial age. British attempts to overtake Cartagena would be constantly avoided by the Spanish ,as the heroic story of Blaz de Leso can account, when  he fiercely preceded a ruthless defense against Captain Vernon´s siege in 1737. 

Cartagena- Taken By Pedro Szekely

Why To Stay In Cartagena? Colonial Buildings,Overwhelming Churches and Tourism Infrastructure

Cartagena can be considered a living proof of colonial history; its stone streets, pintoresque architecture and majestuous churches that stand out over the horizon make the old city a must-go destination for travellers. Tourism Infrastructure is growing and getting more competitive by the day to supply an increasing demand of foreign visitors.

Cartagena-Image by Paul Tieck

Things to do in Cartagena

If you´re curious about Cartagena´s history we personally recommend the Inquisition Palace , the infamous old colonial building that housed the Spanish Inquisition court is now a museum that displays some of the most terrifying and sophisticated torture devices that were used upon heretics.

Other Places to go:

  • Visit La Popa Church Cost: Free.
  • Go to the old San Felipe Castle-A 16th century built fortress is a must-go destination Cost: 14 USD/Entrance Ticket 
  • Go for a Cocktail at Cafe del Mar Averge Coctails cost 8-20 USD
  • Go for a trip to the Rosario Islands and Buy Fresh Lobster on your way there.

Cafe Del Mar Bar-Photo Taken by AmelieNewYork

Where to Stay in Cartagena?

Cartagena may well be the best equiped touristic infrastructure destination in Colombia. If you fancy high level cuisine and luxury lodging with personalized services, you will find plenty of facilities where your expectations will be fulfilled. Well equiped and less expensive lodging options are also available.

Where to stay with a relatively high budget?

If you have a high budget for lodging, We personally recommend the Santa Clara Hotel, a former colonial monastery that dates back to 1506, impressively well preserved and offering some of the best Colombian and International Cuisine inside the walled city.Prices Range: 70-250 USD/Night.

Santa Clara Hotel-Picture Taken By Christof Wittig

Where to stay on a budget?

If you have a low budget we personally recommend the mamallena hostel , one of the hippest hostels in Cartagena has a great location inside the walled city ,offers 100mb wifi , filled with friendly staff and travelers . Prices per room range from 15-30 USD.

Cartagena Hostel-Image taken by Tim Whitlow

What to eat in Cartagena?

  • Try the coconut rice and shrimp at La Cocina de Cartagena. Main Dishes Range from 5-20 USD.
  • Try the Traditional Posta Cartagenera at Zaitún. Main Dishes Range from 10-25 USD.

Shrimp Ceviche-Image Taken By Jude Cabal


A small colonial and beautifully preserved village, Mompox, once a key trade point in the Magdalena river, the biggest and more important of Colombia, remains a colonial gem that stands out for its well preserved architecture and its resemblance to a Gabriel Garcia Marquez Novel setting.

Image taken by Cycle for Water-Mompox Colonial Architecture

Why To Stay In Mompox?

Stone plazas, plastered Bareque villas and an old dock where cargo steamers used to unload make Mompox an unforgettable destination for foreigners, tourism in Mompox is still in its infancy but has an incredible potential to develop into a top destination in Colombia. 

Mompox Old Architecture- Image Taken By Bobby Schlopette

Things to do In Mompox

  • Go for a boat ride: Get to navigate the magdalena river. 5-15USD/person
  • Go to the main municipal market.
  • Book a Boat trip to Ciénaga de Pijiño where you´ll be able to explore the local wildlife of Mompox. Trips can be arranged by hiring a personalized tour guide in La casa del Viajero hostel. Arranged Tours Cost 15-40USD/person
  • Wonder the old stone steets of mompox and behold its colonial architecture.

Magdalena River Mompox-Image Taken By Efraín Canedo

Where to stay on a Budget?

We stayed at Pueblito Mágico Hostel , a small and comfortable 1 story colonial house that offers free Wiifi , breathtaking views to the Magdalena river and well equiped bedrooms. If you are keen on getting to meet new people and making new friends, this hostel offers a great setting and group activities to do so. Shared bedrooms cost around 10-15USD/night.

Magdalena River in Mompox-Image Taken By Hector Borelly

Where to stay with a relatively high budget?

Stay in the Casa Amarilla Hostel, A beautifully restored XVII  century colonial villa located at the Historic Santa Barbara Plaza ,has some of the best views in Mompox. A Small 10 room hostel , owned by an Anglo-Colombian Couple offers exclusivity and great customer service at an affordable price. 

Prices per room range from 30-60 USD.

Old Colonial House in Mompox-Image Taken By EstrellitaSpirit

What to eat in Mompox?

  • Try the Shrimp ceviche at Ambrosia.7-15USD/plate
  • Try the Shrimp and Olive Pizza at El Fuerte, I know what you´re thinking of, Italian Pizza in South America? One of the best italian restaurants in La Costa where we´ve been in so far.5-15USD/Plate.


The infamous city were druglords wars used to take place has become a promising place for Digital Nomads ,Entrepreneurs and visitors that wish to enjoy and dive into the Paisa lifestyle. The second largest city after Bogota has been receiving foreign media attention in 2018 for its remarkable economic growth, urban developments and Social Programs that have successfully tackled social Inequality and fuelled its promising future as a major foreign investment magnet.

Medellin at night- Photo Taken By

Why To Stay In Medellin?

Its climate,people and natural beauty makes Medellin one of the most popular destinations for young travellers and expats. 

What to do in Medellin?

  • Visit the Antioquia Museum:  Located at the Plaza Botero in Downtown Medellin, this museum has some of the best Botero paintings. Other Colombian artists such as Alejandro Obregon, Enrique Grau and Luis Caballero , are also displayed in one of the best cultural sites in Medellin.Entrance tickets cost 7$USD
  • Visit Medellin Botanical garden. One of the most diverse urban parks in Medellin with up 1000 live vegetable specimens and 4500 plants distributed across the complex offers a unique experience for nature lovers.
  • Visit Parque Arvi. If you are into eco-tourism in Colombia this huge natural reserve is worth a visit.Entrance Tickets cost 8-10$USD.
  • Attend the Feria de las Flowers parade, a yearly flower festival that gathers the best of colombian flowers.
  • Visit Parque Lleras: A vibrant tourist attraction that hosts the hippest nightclubs, bars and restaurants in El Poblado. 

Orquideorama Medellin-

Feria de las Flores Medellin Flickr

Where to stay In Medellin on a Budget?

  • Stay at the Wandering Paisa Hostel. A small but charming hostel is one of the best places to meet new people and make friends. Prices per room range from 8$-20$ USD/night. Well equiped, high speed wifii and comfortable communal equipment stand out.

Palm Tree Hostel-Image Taken By:

Where to stay in Medellin with a relatively high budget?

  • The San Fernando Hotel Features the best of luxury lodging in Medellin. 2 swimming pools, 3 spa and sauna facilities and top customer service makes this hotel a good cost/quality option for demanding guests. Price per room ranges from 70-120USD/night.

San Fernando Hotel Image Taken By

What to eat in Medellin?

  • Try the Bandeja Paisa local specialty. A traditional peasent meal has become one of Medellin´s most popular dishes. You´ll definitely need an empty stomach though. Try it at Hacienda Junin.Prices Range from 6-15USD/Plate.

Bnadeja Paisa in Medellin-Image Taken By


If Bogota is the financial Epicentre of Colombia, Cali is its Salsa Capital. Cali´s Ferias is one of the hottest music festivals that host massive street concerts where skilled dancers get to display their talent. If you fancy getting to improve your salsa dancing skills Cali is the place to visit, hundreds of salsa dancing academies are available for the newbies and experienced.

Cali Fiesta and Salsa-Image Taken By

Why Visit Cali?

Friendly and Warm Locals (Caleños) and a 24/7 party atmosphere makes it a great destination for party lovers and Salsa enthusiasts. 

Cali Colombia-Photo taken by :

What to do in Cali Colombia?

  • Visit the old and bohemian San Antonio neighborhood.
  • Go to Juanchito, the legendary salsa dance club that hosted the best salsa dancing in the 70s.
  • Improve your salsa dancing skills in Son de Luz Academy.
  • Go to an art exhibition in La Tertulia Museum.
  • Go to a Bar in Barrio Granada.

Feria de Cali-Image Taken By

San Antonio Cali Wander Streets-Imagen Taken By :

Best Cali Colombia Hotels

  • Intercontinetal Cali offers good price/quality lodging. Great customer service, top notch furnished bedrooms makes it an ideal place for demanding guests.Bedroom Prices range from 100$-160$USD/Night
  • NH Cali Royal offers clean and well equiped bedrooms, great customer service and diverse leisure facilities.Prices Range from 100$-170$USD/Night 
  • Where to stay in Cali Colombia with a budget?

Cali Best Hotel Views-Image Taken By:

Where to Stay in Cali Colombia with a Budget?

  • You can stay in a comfortable shared bedroom and meet foreign guests in Lulos Hostel .We stayed for 2 nights and we were delighted with their friendly easy going personnel and cheap cheap prices. Its located at the charming San Antonio bohemian Neighbourhood. Shared Bedroom Prices Range from 6$-10$USD/Night.
  • Casa Miraflores offers cheap and high quality individual and shared bedrooms. Its stunning garden and a profuse multi-lingual library stand out.Prices Range from 10$-15$USD/Night.

Hostel In Colombia-Image Taken By:

What to eat in Cali Colombia?

  • Treat yourself with the Empanadas de Pipian Local specialty. 
  • Try the Traditional Champus. A funky combination of Maze , lulo juice and wheat. 
  • Try Exotic Colombian Fruit at the Alameda Market Square.  

Cali Colombia Champus-Image Taken By:

La Guajira

The farthest northern department of Colombia is a vast and remote region where unique eco-systems and cultures converge, beautiful pristine beaches and endless deserts are the home of the wayuu people.They are the biggest indigenous community of Colombia and Venezuela and have been known to be a fierce and indomitable culture that resisted Spanish cultural subjugation for centuries.

La Guajira Sand Dunes-Image Taken By

Why Visit La Guajira?

La Guajira offers a wide array of activities for travelers that fancy eco-tourism with little environmental impact. Check out our article to learn more about La Guajira.

What to Do In La Guajira?

  • Go to Cabo de la Vela. Breathtaking beaches and sandy dunes makes this place a must go destination.
  • Visit the Mayapo Beaches and Enjoy water sports 
  • Stay at A Wayuu Rancheria
  • Go to the Macuira National Park

Motorcycle tour in La Guajira

Where to Stay in La Guajira with a high budget?

  • Stay at a traditional palm tree hut in Reserva One Love Hostel. Impresive outdoor collective spaces for guest and great outdoor activities makes it a top lodging option for eco-tourism lovers.;aggregationId=&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=276139762

Where to Stay in La Guajira on a Budget?

  • Stay at one of the hippest and cheapest hostels in Riohacha, Bona Vida Hostel La tercera offers modest but well furnished shared and individual bedrooms.


What to eat in La Guajira:

  • Go to Lima and try local lamb specialties. 

Villa De Leyva

Located at the heart of Boyaca , Villa de Leyva offers a wide array of activities for non locals. Its natural surroundings make it an ideal place for adventure lovers. Being privileged with steep mountains and nearby deserts, numerous activities such as hiking and bike trips may be arranged.

Villa de Leyva-

Villa de Leyva Kites

Why Visit Villa de Leyva?

Behold the charming stone covered plazas , tapia pisada 2 floor villas and comfortable touristic facilities where local and foreign gastronomy can be enjoyed. Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms may also be collected in la Periquera, a 30 min van ride heading to Gachantiva will get you there, Best seasons to collect them are the rainy ones, and the best months , April,March,May and October.

Things to do in Villa De Leyva

  • Go to la Candelaria Desert. One of the biggest and most arid deserts in the surroundings of Villa De Leyva is a popular place to visit. You can rent a bike and get there in 30-40min. 
  • Feed the Ostriches. a 10 min ride from the village will get you there. If you love animals and have kids youll find it pretty amusing. 
  • Wonder around ,go to the main square, drink beer and meet locals. 
  • Visit the Iguaque natural reserve:One of the biggest and most biodiverse natural parks is only 1 hour away from Villa de Leyva. You´ll need to hire a personal guide to be able to access. Tickets price: 8USD.
  • Pick up Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms that grow in rainy seasons in cow dungs. Buy a ticket to Gachantiva and go to La Periquera, a famous magic mushroom natural park where plenty of these specimens grow. 

Villa de Leyva Stone Streets

Villa de Leyva Desert

Where to Stay in Villa de Leyva with a Relatively High Budget?

Where to Stay in Villa De Leyva With A Low Budget?

  • Stay at the Hostal Rana. We stayed for 2 nights in a 3 day weekend and it was the only hostel with available rooms in Villa de Leyva. Shared Bedrooms cost 8 USD/Night. Its located almost 3 blocks away from the main square. 

What to Eat In Villa De Leyva?

  • Are you a meat lover? La Feria Piqueteadero de origen offers some of the best and cheapest (fritanga)mixed meat plates in Town. Meals prices range from 5$-15$USD/Plate.
  • Try the amazing local and Spanish dishes at La Tienda de Teresa. Their changua is definitely their specialty. 


Ever contemplated the pacific ocean and its might? Nuqui, a small fishermen village located at the pacific coast of Colombia is the perfect place to admire the Pacific´s Ocean overwhelming power and beauty.  Take a stroll along magnificent beaches that transform by the minute by permanent tide shifts. Fancy Surfing? Nuquí may well be the best surfing destination in Colombia, high waves and vigorous sea breeze hit its shoreline permanently.


Why Visit Nuqui ?

Get in touch with nature by experiencing the power of the Pacific Ocean and the dense and unexplored jungles of this region. 

Things to do in Nuqui Colombia

  • Take surfing lessons at El Cantil Ecolodge
  • Hire a personal tour guide and hike the dense and biodiverse jungles of Nuqui.
  • Go to la Ensenada de Utria and get to see the mating of Grey Whales. 
  • Go to the Joví River . A 30-40 min walk by the beach will get you there.

Jovi River-

Nuqui sunset-

Where to Stay in Nuqui With a Relatively High Budget?

  • The enchanting and well provisioned Hotel Nuquimar is a great place to stay in Nuqui with your family. This mini natural reserve and its majestuous gardens and plantations where they grown their own vegetables offers high quality comfortable bedrooms and top customer service. Prices per room range from 100$-200$ USD/Night.

Hotel Nuquimar

Where to stay in Nuqui with a Budget?

  • Stay at Choiba Ecolodge. This small hostel is located at the middle of the Nuqui jungle, 2.4 km away from the town center. Prices per night range from 11-15USD/Night.

Choiba Ecolodge Nuqui

What to eat in Nuqui?

  • Eat fresh shrimp ceviche and fried fish and plantain in El Cantil Ecolodge. Plates prices range from 6-10 USD.

Fried Fish Nuqui

San Agustin

A little known indigenous culture that settled almost 4,000 years ago left traces of a former splendorous civilization. Massive 4-6 meters tall stone carved statues that depict strange and extravagant animal-human figures lay hidden in a small and little known village in The Colombian Andes.

San Agustin Smiling Statue-

Why visit San Agustin Colombia?

San Agustin , not only stands out for its precious mountainous surroundings and its amazing huge stone statues , it also attracts ornithologists that come to this place to admire the hidden beauty of regional birds. 

San Agustin Stone Statues-

Things to do in San Agustin Colombia?

  • Go to the San Agustín National park and take a jungle walk , where you´ll be able to contemplate and admire the old and masterly carved indigenous statues that can be as high as 6m.
  • Visit the Salto de Bordones Waterfalls. Impressive raging waterfalls are some of the highest in the region. 
  • Go skydiving.
  • Take a horse back riding tour along the outskirts of San Agustin.

San Agustin Statue Forest-

Where to Stay In San Agustin with a relatively high budget?

  • Stay at the Huaka-Yo Hotel, fully furnished rooms and commodities for a comfortable stay make this place a good alternative for demanding guests. Prices Per night range from 50-60USD.
  • If you enjoy nature you´ll enjoy your stay at La Casa de Francois Hostel. This mini natural reserve and its rustic cosy huts is a great place to admire the view and enjoy the natural surroundings of San Agustin. Princes range from 25-50USD/Night.

Casa de Francois-

Casa de Francois-

Where to Stay In San Agustin with a Small budget?

  • Stay at Hostel, a small and cosy hostel for bagpackers is near the town center and has a charming rusting architecture. Prices Range from 5-15USD/Night. Hostel Casa La Pampa-

What to eat in San Agustin?

Hope you enjoyed our top 7 Best Places to Visit in Colombia List. Have Any additional questions about your next stay in Colombia? Please contact our team or comment any of your inquiries. 


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