A Thorough Portrayal of Wayuu Culture in the latest 2018 Ciro Guerra Film, Birds of Passage.

A Thorough Portrayal of Wayuu Culture in the latest 2018 Ciro Guerra Film, Birds of Passage.

Ciro Guerra, The Director of the widely reknowned "Embrace of The Serpent"  that was nominated for the best foreign language film prize in the 2015 Cannes Festival returns to the big screen with a visually stunning masterpiece; Birds of Passage.

A film that seemingly tells another Colombian mob story, explores the marihuana bonanza of the 1960-1970 through the lens of the wayuu culture , their traditions and people. With a slightly Western-movie approach, the film, mainly spoken in Wayuunaki ,features a small wayuu clan that gets involved in the Marihuana businness during the early stages of the Marimba Boom. 

Main Character, Rafayet embarks in a journey to deliver a dowry to marry Zaida. He and his partner (Moises), an alijuna(outsider) discover the very lucrative marimba businness. After a 10 year timelapse , tribal conflicts and moral dichotomies divert their endeavours. 

The film´s acting crew mainly composed of Native Wayuus , the majority of which only knew wayuunaki as their only language, entailed a language barrier challenge that was sucesfully tackled by a team of anthropologists and social science specialists that worked hand in hand with actors and the production team . Aside from social and cultural leaps ,weather and physical conditions made Filming in La Guajira a huge challenge. Sand storms and high temperatures became a recurring production obstacle.

The film has received positive reviews from international film critics , and has launched the very promising film carreer of Ciro and his ex-wife, Cristina Gallegos to an exciting new stage.

Reviews higlight an auhentic inclusion of cultural exploration that re-interprets the overly copyied and worn out Colombian drug-trade plot. Film Critic Kenneth Turan from Los Angeles Times commented in his twitter account that it was the best Cannes film yet.

"Best film I've seen at is not in the festival proper but rival Directors Fortnight. It's the intense, vivid "Birds of Passage," co-directed by Ciro Guerra, who did great "Embrace of the Serpent" Never understand why films this good are not in competition."

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