5 Reasons Why Handmade Wayuu Bags from Colombia are True Eye Candy

5 Reasons Why Handmade Wayuu Bags from Colombia are True Eye Candy

Why Are Wayuu Bags a Trend? 

Bags are one of the favorite accessories for Women. The days are gone when people used bags to carry their essential things while going out or just to carry grocery items from store to home. Nowadays, people give equal importance to the bag and outfit they wear, after all the bag you carry defines your personality and appearance. So, be charismatic with bags not only with your clothes!

One of the bag trend that you may have heard a lot is, Wayuu Bags! And there are many reasons why these bags are on trend. Each and every wayuu bag is handmade, not factory-made. You will be surprised to know the history and beautiful culture related to this breathtaking art! Yes, Art! the bag is a true art made by the Wayuu people, the indigenous people who live in La Guajira, has sharing borders with Colombia and Venezuela border. And the name is originally derived from the Wayuu tribe itself, that has hundreds of years in weaving and crocheting tradition.

Wayu People Riohacha

The women of the Wayuu tribe have been hand-weaving for many years to sell those bags and earn a livelihood, a single bag takes around 25-30 weaving hours. And it's not what they do full-time, they do all household chores, take care of children and elders while frequently resuming their weaving work. And this great art is done by them effortlessly which is the only source of their bread and butter.

Here are 5 reasons why handmade Wayuu bags are true eye candy:

1) Wayuu Women behind your Wayuu bag:

Preserve Wayuu culture by encouraging their work. It's our responsibility to keep them motivated, make them realize that they are doing exceptional work and the people across the globe are loving their cultural crafts. Every single bag is handmade by a beautiful and strong woman. And she has woven the bag with all her love, passion, skills which tell about her color preferences, design choices, and woven techniques.

Wayuu Weaving Techniques

The mochila (Spanish name for a bag) is the Wayuu women’s way to tell their story, dreams, and the geometric shapes known as Kanaas are inspired by nature. Each Kanaas has its own significance and name.

2) Style statement for you

What’s best about Wayuu bags is that the craftsmanship is excellent! And hence, it is visible at a single glance. The bag has a great potential to impress anyone with its charming and mesmerizing outlook. The quality work and designs instantly become an eye treat for everyone. The irresistible style can be carried out by anyone, be it for kids, girls, women, men or even your grandparents. Create your own style statement with amazing traditional crafts.

Wayuu Style Statement

3) Suits every Outfit and Ocassion

You can take your mochila bag everywhere, it works for casual day outings, night out fun, friends party, a formal dinner/lunch, family get together or even for your movie day. The bag easily goes well for any occasion and hence won’t give you trouble matching it with your wardrobe´s favourites. Your Colombian mochila bag will become your savage accessory to take out whenever you step out of your home. And not only that, the bags look great with any apparel you choose. Because of its vibrant colors and designs, it compliments every outfit. Whether you opt for a casual pair of jeans, a bikini, or a formal attire, you don’t have to think twice before picking up your handmade Wayuu mochila bag. The cool and quirky patterns make the bag distinct from each bag, so you will never see the same bag again!            

4) Unique Patterns and Colors

What’s more you want, if your accessory enhances your overall personality! The handcrafted art done on mochilas has unique Kanaas, the geometric patterns that are repeated throughout the bag. Each mochila is different because of its thread type, color combination, weaving technique, and patterns. The handmade masterpiece symbolizes their tradition, culture, and customs, which they are passing onto their future generation through crocheting and weaving.

Wayuu Kanaas

So, all of the patterns you see are an abstract version of the century-old customs, rituals, the story of their life stories, and how they see their life. From plain solid color to colorful bags, you name it and you can easily get it.


5) Quality, Durability, and Capacity

These handcrafted mochilas are high quality, as they are woven with physical and mental skill. By crafting these gems since generations, the Wayuus know what they are doing, so they will not let you down on quality, durability and look. Weaving and crocheting is not just a job for Wayuus, in their terms weaving is a symbol of tradition and they love doing it. This glamorous accessory that recently got global recognition, is a must-have accessory to add to your closet. Along with a cool and chic look, these woven handbags ensure comfort and versatility. With Wayuu bags, you can never look monotonous, the exclusive prints will give you Wayuu style and definitely amaze your family and friends. You can buy your mochila according to your needs, from a small tote to large tote. You can easily carry all your daily stuff like cellphone, wallet, sunglasses etc. in it. The small looking mochila can hold a lot of things.   

Talking about Colombian Wayuu Bags, which symbolizes Wayuus thousand year’s culture    are now accepted by people around the world, their hardship are now getting paid off.  They are genuine sellers who love crocheting and sell their craft piece to represent their community. And that’s why we are passionate to spread their artwork to the world. We are local Colombian suppliers and directly pass on the craft from Wayuu people to you! We are proud to showcase their products and helping to preserve their Wayuu culture. A bag made with lots of love!

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