¿How to Clean And Groom Your Colorful Wayuu Mochila Bag?

¿How to Clean And Groom Your Colorful Wayuu Mochila Bag?

¿How To Clean Your Wayuu Bags?

Handbags! These are one of the most important accessories for women and plays a significant role in their style as well as in their personality. Once regarded as a luxury, now the handbag industry is experiencing a boom contributing to an annual turnover of about $100 million. People now consider handbags as a social status symbol and a personal style choice. Caring, grooming and maintaining the texture and shape is essential to increase the lifespan of a bag.

Aztec Wayuu Bag

The Colombian Mochila Wayuu bags are one of the most lovable handbags nowadays.  Everyone from a college girl to a Hollywood star are seen flaunting these bags. However, the Wayuu bags are not new, they have been existing for many years and have been getting a laudable global recognition nowadays. The handmade bags are the creation of indigenous Wayuu people living in the arid La Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The art of weaving and crocheting is in their blood and they have been doing this for many years, passed on from generation to generation. And to them, it is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. This is their way of showcasing their culture and their community’s essence to the world. From an early age, the women are taught the art of weaving and this makes them the cultural and powerful leaders of their tribe.

Mujer Wayuu En Hamaca

Living in such a harsh place where the child death rate is very high due to malnutrition and where they have to walk three hours to get drinking water and five hours walk across the desert to reach the nearest hospital. These abandoned Wayuu communities do not have access to even the basic need for their livelihood. As many as 5,000 children have died cause of lack of medical care and malnutrition. Surviving in this kind of place is a real struggle and so we should appreciate their hard work. Weaving is the only means by which they can hope to get economical support. They sell their handcrafted items like mochilas and hammock to tourists and locals.

A bag made with so much love and sacrifices should get its justified care. This versatile bag will instantly become your all-time favourite while you´re stepping out of your house. From a casual day out to a family and friends get-together, the all-rounder bag is the perfect option for every occasion as well as outfits. Wayuu Mochila bags are a true example of women empowerment. So preserve this art as long as you can, the remarkable piece of art will spice up your closet.

A Few Tips To Clean Your Wayuu bags:

Cleaning Wipes:

Available handbag cleaning wipes are one of the easiest ways to wipe your bag. The wipes help you to get the day to day touch-ups and remove surface stains. The lighter stains can easily get rid off with just a single wipe. It will help you to retain the bag’s original appearance. 

Avoid Machine Wash:

However, the machine wash is not always harmful to your bag, but it's always advisable that you skip the machine wash if you can. The machine puts a lot of strain on the clothes making it non-worthy for our costly bags and clothes. And sometimes, the bag shrinks and loses their original shape. Washing a mochila bag in the machine totally depends upon the bag’s fabric and the resilience of the weaving density.


Hand wash is the best option to wash your clothes or bags. The manual wash helps you to keep control over the pressure area on the fabric. This will ensure whether you should rub more on the stain or just leave as it is.

Scrub with a soft brush:

If your stain is visible on a smaller area, you don’t need to wash the whole bag. It’s better to wash the dirty area only. Use a soft bristle brush and rub the area with detergent and brush.

Dry in Sunlight:

If you have enough time, then let the bag dry in sunlight, it's better than machine dry. Simply hang the bag in such a way that it retains its original shape. And make sure to not give it direct sunlight, instead dry them in a shade on a sunny hot day.

Dry Clean:

It’s important to understand that your handbag defines your personality. Don’t compromise on your handbag’s look. Get a dry clean, if needed. It's better to spend money rather than ruin your bag or its outlook.

And to make your Wayuu bag more attractive, here are a few tips that you can experiment with:


The cute colorful balls are very popular and a must-try to accessorize your bags or even your clothes. If you have solid colour mochila, then add one or more contrast colour pom-pom on the front side. One big or multiple small pom-pom at the centre gives a beautiful flower look. While selecting colours, look for colours that complement each other. Inappropriate pom-pom colors will make your bag look flashy.

Flower Clips:

A flower clip is an easy to go option. Take a big flower clip and attach it on the front strap. It gives an instant new look on the go! Look for big flowers, as they give bold and highlight your bag.

Wayuu Bag Flower Clips

Bag Charms:

Bag charms are the piece of jewellery that enhances your bag’s look. Made of gold, leather, sequins, pearls, or any precious stones. Available in different sizes and designs. Choose from the vertical or horizontal hanging style. The horizontal one is extended from one point to the other. Usually, the sequins or pearls are attached through a chain. A wide range of choices is available in the market. So, just go for it!

Wayuu Bag Charms


At some point of the year, when the season is a mix of cold and hot weather, you put a scarf in the morning and don’t need at the other time of the day. Here, you can efficiently use the scarf and tie it around the strap of your Colombian Wayuu bags. Make a beautiful bow or just simply tie it around the strap.


If your mochila bag has drawstrings, then you can replace them with some other colorful and stylish string. Choose from simple lace, thread or beautifully knitted rope! It will definitely change your tribal bag look.


One of the cutest accessory! Whether your bag has tassels or not, adding tassels is always a plus point for the handbag. Add up more and more tassel, they will never let you down. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns to choose from. Long, fluffy, colorful tassel looks amazing and refreshing. The tassels give your bag a volume and an attractive look.

Wayuu Bag Tassels

Now you can easily clean and groom your Wayuu tribe bags at home. Owning a Wayuu bag is the most admirable thing you will have. Wherever you carry it, you will be representing Wayuu people’s art to the world. So, try to maintain its beauty and originality! Don’t worry, caring a Wayuu mochila is not a big deal. You can easily groom and clean bag with little or no expenditure.

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