Mini Tote Wayuu Bags: ¿What We Really Love About Them?

Mini Tote Wayuu Bags: ¿What We Really Love About Them?

About Wayuu Mini Tote Bags

The handbags are women’s all-time companion wherever they go. And it’s the smartest way to carry all their possessions on the go. Initially used just for carrying stuff, now they have become a fashion statement. We know that accessories are a must have to complete any look and with each new pair of handbags, a unique style can be created. The versatile handbags come in a variety of options from luxury leather handbag to a casual canvas bag. The handbags also eliminates your fear of becoming outfit repeater as it spruces up your look.

Mini Tote Wayuu Bags


One of the types of handbag that plays a vital role is the cute and gorgeous mini tote Wayuu bags. Tote Bags are versatile, easy to wear and never goes out of fashion. The trendy bag has the charming look to make them everyone’s favorite at first glance only. Available in every size, color, fabric and texture, a tote bag is a must have for any Fashionista. Choose your style from a cross-body bag to a mini tote bag. The authentic handmade mochila bags are perfect for your everyday look. Handmade items are always proved to be the one-of-a-kind in everyone’s closet/home. They are timeless!

 Available in lots of styles , sometimes it becomes overwhelming. So, it’s better to opt for an all-in-one bag, i.e, tote bag. Usually, a tote is a large or a small bag for carrying numbers of items, often unfastened bag with parallel handles. One of the benefits of totes is its functionality, one can use it ample times. Proved to be the most functional and worth the money bag! And here, the article is all about the features of mini tote Wayuu bags.

Wayuu Tote Bags Styles

 The cute and gorgeous bag might have amazed a lot of people with its stunning look, but you will be amused to know the inspirational story behind the handbag. Handcrafted by the people of La Guajira, widely know as the Wayuu tribe. The tribe is known as the people of sun, sand, and wind. Earlier, men used to work with lands and animals, and women do

Mini Wayuu Tote Weaving

Women of the tribe are expert in weaving and crocheting. They have attained training from the early stage of their adulthood. The thousands year’s of culture has been passed on to the next generations so that their tradition won’t get fade with time. And that’s why nowadays you can easily witness their remarkable artwork in the form of handbags and hammocks. The Colombian Wayuu Bags are on trend! Because of the beautiful and complicated thread work, the handbags are now one of the must-have accessories for women. Each and every bag has a distinct pattern and color combination, so you will never encounter the same mochila again. And because of this uniqueness and their hardship, people are recognizing their craft worldwide. From small tote, cross-body bags to large handbags, you can get all types of mochila created by Wayuu People.

Here are a few reasons why everyone loves mini tote Wayuu bags:

Wayuu Mini Styles

A collaboration of Function and Fashion: The Wayuu bags are the perfect fusion of both function and fashion. While enhancing your look, they are also efficient to carry your items. Wayuu tote Mochilas never let you down on its versatility. One can easily put their stuff and manage to utilize its functionality. From umbrellas, scarves and bottle to your footwear and grocery items, everything can be put in just one place i.e., in your Wayuu Mochila.

Small and Portable: Mini Wayuu mochilas are small, cute, trendy and portable as well. But It doesn’t mean that the mini mochilas cannot hold all your items. The tote bag will instantly become your all-rounder bag for every occasion from a family function to a grocery or casual shopping. Along with your large handbag, these bags can help you carry small stuff like your wallet, gadgets, keys, so you can easily get handy to these important items, saving your time to search the bag for smaller things. 

Colors: Who says colorful accessories can’t look classy? You might have not seen the Wayuu Mochila. Wayuu bags left everyone behind in case of colors! They are one of the most colorful and artistic handbags you can have. Along with the colors, the bag has a striking and complicated design that will remind you of the culture and hardship of the Wayuu tribe. Keeping in mind the latest trends and requirement, each mochila is made with a lot of supervision and care.

Spacious and Sturdy: Mini tote bags are very spacious, that can easily hold all your stuff. The tote bag allows for a lightweight and hands-free experience. It features a large compartment and strap(s) that is worn over the shoulder. You’ll have enough room for makeup, groceries, electronic items, etc. The tote bags are known for the sturdiness. So, you don’t have to worry about its strength and durability.

Unique Artwork: The Wayuu tribe bags has a proven intricated beautiful pattern. Each bag is different in itself and tells the story of the weaver that it is crafted with dedication, hard work, creativity and enthusiasm. Each bag has exclusive designs on the bag as well as on the strap that is pretty much successful in keeping their essence alive. People are inspired by the old traditional story of the spider-like deity named Wale ‘Keru and as per their belief, the idea of art/design comes from there.

For Everyone and Every Occasion: Looking for a party bag? Or for a lazy weekend day out handbag? Totes are the perfect option to carry out fearlessly. They can assist you on your next beach vacation to your heavy gym work essentials. The less spacious mini totes can accompany you for every occasion. Coming back to home from school or office and want to grab something from the store to eat, here comes your mini tote. Super light and fashionable.

Handwoven: After seeing these stunning bags no one can believe that these Mochilas are handcrafted. Even the slightest details from colors to design patterns all are done with their best skills. The bottom line is, handcrafted items have always been up to the mark in terms of durability, feature and displaying the local tradition.

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