Terms and Conditions-General Information


-All orders are sent via Colombian National Post Company 4-72. You may choose either Ems Service or Entrusted delivery for your order. 

Find out your order´s shipping fee. 

- Step 1: Search for your countries zone:

Zone 1: USA 

Zone 2: Germany,Argentina,Chile,Aruba,Australia,Belgium,Belice,Bolivia,Bonaire,Brasil,Canada,Chile,China,North Korea,South Korea,Costa Rica,Cuba,Curazao,Ecuador,El Salvador,Spain,Philipines, France,UK,Guatemala,Haiti,Honduras, Hong Kong,Indonesia,Taly,Japan,Luxembourg, Malasia, Mexico,Nicaragua, Netherlands, Panama,Paraguay,Peru,Portugal,Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic, Sweden,Switzerland,Surinam,Thailand,Taiwan,Uruguay,Venezuela.

Zone 3: The Rest of The World

Step 2: Find Out your order´s weight and Final Shipping Fee:

Entrusted Delivery Fees in COP (Colombian Pesos):


EMS Delivery Fees in COP (Colombian Pesos):



-We accept Refunds/Replacement requests if they meet the following conditions:

-The request is forwarded in no longer than 7 days after the order arrives to its addressee

-The item isnt damaged and has an identical material condition as when it arrived. 

-All shipping/duties expenses that arise from refunds/replacement are held by the order´s addressee 

What happens if your order is mishandled/damaged/lost in customs?

-4-72 includes a 95% insurance for the orders declared value. In case any of these ocurrances happen our team will either replace the ordered items or transfer its value in kind to our customer. 

Wholesale Orders: 

-All wholesale orders of less than 30kg will be sent either by 4-72 EMS or Entrusted Delivery services. 

-No more than 20% of orders items will be available for replacement. In case customers wish to place a replacement request , they are liable for all shipping additional expenses that arise from this operation.No refunds or replacements requests will be accepted if the items are damaged.

-Category Images in the Wholesale section are representative only. Ordered items may contain diferent designs,colors or strap designs/colors.